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Permanent Solutions

Finding the best talent for your business is our specialty. We conduct extensive market research to ensure they will remain engaged and invested throughout the onboarding process. FinRisk Square starts by gaining a deep understanding of your business position and professional culture before delivering highly curated talent to meet your operational needs. We match the best talent with businesses where they will be the greatest asset.

By offering recruitment solutions for business, we provide our clientele with the confidence that their team is receiving professionals with high-level expertise.

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Consulting Services

We offer tailor-made and end-to-end consulting solutions through our proficiency and knowledge of industry best practices. By remaining up to date on the newest developments in our areas of expertise, we are best situated to provide individualized consulting solutions.

From financial consulting services to information systems and project management consulting services, FinRisk Square obtains high-level experience in a variety of areas to provide holistic, solution-driven, insight to effectively serve your business.


“Not only is FinRisk Square equipped to curate highly-skilled workers through talent consulting services, but we also offer training to strengthen your existing team.

This scalable training lies within areas of our expertise that serve to make your team more competitive and adept at navigating an ever-changing market. Continue to hone your workers’ skills to evolve your organization with new regulations and advanced technologies.”

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Thanks to our professional testing procedures, you can measure the hard and soft skills of your current or future staff members. Testing is also a key tool to gain metrics before implementing any specific training project.

Identifying which skills among your workforce need the most development and the level to which they must be strengthened streamlines your training procedures for maximum efficiency. FinRisk Square offers this vital testing to your workers in every area of our high-level expertise.”

Get the top talent you need.